First Post: An Introduction and a Movie

Hello folks.

Yeah, I have ANOTHER blog.

Expect a large dose of all things games,gaming, and sci-fi.

I have a bunch of shorts ready for your perusal which I will post this Friday (a continuation of Flash Fiction Fridays).

But right now enjoy this “trailer” I put together for an upcoming RPG campaign our group is gearing up to play:

  1. w00t! First blog comment! *dances*
    nice trailer too! 🙂

    • Congrats! And thank you. Thinking up of a another one now that my cousin (our GM) handed me the campaign write-up.

      I think I’ll use music from Dune (the movie).

      • oooh — good idea. that movie had some good music.

      • In a way this site is dedicated to as of yet unwritten story which is an homage to Dune (books and movie), so it fits. Somehow I never got started on the book, mainly because I got a sever bought of world-building disease.

        But with two novels under my belt (in different stages but still two of them) I think it is time to try it.

  2. This even has that ‘new blog’ smell!

    I used to be a member of a gaming clan for Counter Strike. My first online gaming experience was Quake. I’ve never tried a RPG game. Now that I have children, we mostly stick with the Wii. (That way, they can play too)
    I’ll be interested in all the new stuff coming out.

    • Welcome aboard TL! Wii is great for families and while I haven’t played much Online since my World of Warcraft days, I still keep up with gaming news. Pencil and Paper games can also be great for the family. They stimulate the imagination something fierce.

  1. July 3rd, 2009

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