Stargate Universe

Last night I saw the premiere of Stargate Universe. You can find many a review anywhere on the net. I’m just going to point out a few things that stood out for me:

The show is trying for a darker and edgier than it’s franchise brethren. A PG sex scene here, a death there.

Glad to see a few of the old hands back. But General O’Neill should lay off the fast food and get a few hours under the sun.

Recruit the audience expy through a video game? I know that all things 80s are back in, but The Last Starfighter?

And is the head scientist a manipulative bastard or a jerk with a heart of gold?

Will see as the show progresses. It was worth watching.

  1. I realize this post that i’m replying to is like… 3 weeks old but hey… this is the interwebs! lol. I’ve seen every episode of SGU and its giving a very… battlestar:galatica feeling. i

    • No worries. Yeah, it certainly has that BSG feeling, without the “Cylons have a plan” B.S. that ruined BSG for me. Could it be that the SG guys can do BSG better than the actual namesake! 🙂

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