The End and the Beginning of Time

We have ourselves a new doctor, the 11th in the series. I have to say that I a “new” Doctor Who fan, having only watched (although I was aware off) the 2oth century Doctors. But to be honest, it is a good thing that I didn’t watch any of them before Eccleston took the role. I was not prejudiced by the dodgy FX and 80’s cheesy lines, not that the new series don’t have that mind you I simply wasn’t prejudiced by what came before. So I took the appearance of the Cybermen with glee, was impressed by the Daleks and hooked on Rose hotness (yes, she is hot, live with it!).

Eccleston was good, Tenant was better.

So much better. I like the grit and determination that both showed, but a dark shadow loomed over the 10th Doctor and Tenant pulled it off without a hitch. Plus the romantic involvements felt more organic, especially with Rose. He also played well with Donna whom I grew to love (and miss).

But that time has passed. A new decade demands a new Doctor and a new companion (a hot one too by the looks of it and yes she is ginger which makes her even hotter!).

So good luck to the 11th Doctor and a chance to catch up to a year’s worth of “specials” I haven’t seen yet.

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