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Trust Me, I’m The Doctor

Okay, I am not the Doctor.

David Tennant was the Doctor.

Now Matt Smith is the Doctor.

Doctor Who that is!

Watched the first four episodes and Matt is a hit, and so it’s Karen Gillian who plays the latest in a long line of companions, Amy Pond. The inevitable comparisons to David are clear to see, but there is one thing that makes Matt stand out, confidence. He plays the role like he owns it, every word, even when he is acting out the confusion post regeneration screams “this is my role, this is my doctor, their have been 10 other doctors before, but this one is mine”. And that is exactly what the role needs. Over time people will adapt to his face wearing the suit, bow tie and boots, and hope for that the evident UST between him and his costar pays off.

Good luck on your journey Doctor, see you in the 51st Century.


And now the theme from the show by Orbital: