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Off the wagon!

Well Magic: The Gatheringâ„¢ doesn’t have trap cards, that’s another collectible card game with a anime/cartoon show on Saturday mornings.

Alas, the addiction has returned.

Way back in the Nineties, the granddaddy of collectible card games came into a market crowded by AD&D splat books on the RPG side and bland tabletop board games on the other. It mixed and matched elements of the two and added a $$ making idea, lets make the cards collectible and like splat books, we will launch new expansions every so often which the players must buy or find themselves defeated the next time they play.

And I caught the bug bad then, bad.

I bought many a card and lost many a game until I grew sick of it.

Mainly because I ended up losing far more than I ended up winning.

I even gave away all my cards and swore the game off.

Then last year I bought a couple of premade decks just to play when the regular RPG group wanted a break from the story. I didn’t buy too many cards this time around. Not going to get hooked again. Just take them out of the box once in awhile and play, loose and put them back in the box again.

Then a friend of ours discovered that a local Gaming/Comic book store was having an offer for the new Magic edition.


So, yeah I bought some.

And I lost.

But then I decided that instead of playing the decks as is, I should do something I resisted doing a long time ago, creating my own deck of cards. I went to the Holy Internet and found the answers I sought.

And I won.

You can see where this is going, right?

Now I’m hooked, again.

I can kiss my soul goodbye!

Oh well…..