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Twisting the Tale

I may have aborted my NaNo attempt but I haven’t given up on the story just yet. Recently I had a problem with a scene, it just felt flat and unexpired until I made changed in the POV-character (using Close-Third Person for this story). Instead of telling the story from the original character point of view I switched perspective. Suddenly the sense of tension returned and with it the energy the scene demanded. It also let the scene ending in such a way that it raised the stakes, which is always a good thing.

Such a simple thing, yet it made all the difference.

And since it is the season, and I am in the mood, here is some Holiday cheer curtesy of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra:


It’s dead Jim

I’m a writer, not a necromancer. My NaNo was DOA and got more putrid with every word I injected into it.

So I said, screw this!

I started over.

Will I make it to November 30th?

I doubt, but at least I shed a lot of bad ideas and now I can proceed with a clear mind.

Because NaNo is not (just) about winning, it is also about the writing.

And that makes this a win for me.

Good luck to all of you this month. Keep on writing!

NaNo Update: Things Coming Together and Blowing Apart

Now the story feels like it they are coming together. The key players are coming online and the action is moving forward. Still behind the curve at about 10k to 15k words but I can live with that as long as I keep writing. I’ll see how many more words I can produce before I hit the sack tonight.

6 Days to NaNo: A Writer’s Notes

I am not the kind of writer that creates outlines, but I do take notes before, during and after writing to keep things track of things. Here is an example of what my pre-draft notes look like:

Title: Ruins of Empire/ROE

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-genre:  Space Opera

Time Frame: 2,300 years in the future.



FTL– “Jump Gates” near major planets, large ships carry “jump engines” that allow them to fold space/time and make near instantaneous travel between stars.  Outside of FTL, travel is no faster than 1% of light speed.Travel is linear (no maneuvering while on a jump). It may take multiple jumps to reach a specific destination.

Weapons- Capital ships use a mix of energy, projectile and missile based weapons. Engagements occur at distances under a light second.  Ground units use missiles and projectile weapons with the rare heavy energy weapon. Standard heavy infantry wears powered armor with armor, artillery and aerospace fighter support.  Nuclear weapons reserved for planetary bombardment but use of “hi-impact kinetic weapons” and “nukes” against civilian targets illegal under Imperial Law.

Communications: FTL through jumpgates (that double as transmitters stations) and FTL equipped courier ships.

Sensor: Only work in “real space”, non visual targeting sensors can be jammed by advanced ECM or temporarily blinded by nukes and/or EMP charges (which need not be nuclear).


Empire ruled under a Noble House System. House Major each control an arm of the galaxy while the Emperor controls the Galactic Center and the “Imperial Arm” (Orion arm of the Galaxy). The “Imperial House” is considered a separate entity from the rest of the House Major.  By custom no leader can rule both a House Major and the Imperial House. Each House Major internal political organization follows their own pattern from Constitutional Monarchy to a Corporatocracy. Currently the House Major feud among each other to see who will fill the vacant Imperial throne.

The smallest political unit is the “world”, which is a planet with at least 100 million inhabitants.


Task Forces of the Imperial Navy patrolled Known Space. The Emperor could call upon levies from House Major/Minor to support Imperial operations.  Planetary and system defense fell under each House responsibility. With the fall of the Empire, House Major have increased the size of their military and large mercenary forces have come to the forefront.


That’s just an example. I write the notes down as they come to me, more of a tool for mental organization than anything else.

NOTE: I’ll be in surgery tomorrow, so I probably won’t post anything until the end of the week. Hopefully I’ll be up and running come next weekend to kick off NaNo O9.

9 Days to NaNo: Music to Write By

I hopped over to Amy’s blog earlier today and the subject was music to write by. I’ve made it a habit of creating “soundtracks” for each one of my projects. In fact I write scenes with specific music in mind and this project won’t be any different.

So here is a selection of songs I’m putting together for NaNo ’09:

  1. Dune Movie Soundtrack/Prologue- Toto
  2. Ready,Steady,Go!– Paul Oakenfold
  3. Keep Hope Alive– The Crystal Method
  4. Tempus Vernun– Enya
  5. Mer Noire (Tiesto Remix)- Cirque du Soleil
  6. Welcome to the Black Parade– My Chemical Romance
  7. Lacrimosa (Choir)
  8. Adagio for Strings-DJ Tiesto
  9. Dune Movie Soundtrack/Take My Hand– Toto

Those are the songs I have so far. I’ll add/change the list as necessary.

So, do you have a music muse that fuels your writing?

Complete Rubbish

Inner dialogue sometime last weekend at around 2:55 in the morning.


Complete and total rubbish, that is!

What is it you’re talking about, you nutter?

Well, my short story that’s what!

Oh, you wrote–you wrote a story, a short one, you say, and it wasn’t any good? I could have told you that, you stupid git! I read some of the rubbish you post in this blog. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I am, I am….

So what are ya going to do about it, eh? Write more crap or are ya going to crack open a dictionary for once and use it as God intended?


And so it went.

So where did this wave of self doubt and recrimination originated?

From a “beta” my good friend Iz did for me recently.

Did I mention it was a HUGE favor? I mean it was titanic in its scope. He dragged his eyes (mid-vacation mind you) across the garbage strewn landscape that I dared call  a story (yes I dared, silly of me I know) and after much sorting he managed to pull out the salvageable bits.

I do not have Protection from Editors.

Aw God no!

That is a good thing, I guess.

Now I need to recycle those surviving bits into a story worth reading.

I can do this.

I can overcome my dreadful grammar, horrible pacing and inject some emotions into my characters.


And I will too.

Just you see.

Or Issac will see, if he has the stomach for a second round.

Did I mention that this favor was of astronomical proportions? Super Nova pale in comparison to what he did for me.

Just so you know.

And now for a cool anime style game trailer:

First Post: An Introduction and a Movie

Hello folks.

Yeah, I have ANOTHER blog.

Expect a large dose of all things games,gaming, and sci-fi.

I have a bunch of shorts ready for your perusal which I will post this Friday (a continuation of Flash Fiction Fridays).

But right now enjoy this “trailer” I put together for an upcoming RPG campaign our group is gearing up to play: