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Flash Fiction Friday: Escape From Eden P2

Second part of Escape from Eden. Sorry for the delay. Last week was hectic, to say the least.



Carson stared at her screen. “Captain take a look at this,” she forwarded to his console.


“Where is this coming from?,” Captain Byron asked.

“Don’t know. It’s on all the system’s data channels,” Carson replied.

Tech specialist Holland, the junior member of the crew screamed, “Massive neutrino build up from Eden’s star and a spike in gamma radiation.  The star is going supernova!”

Lights flickered across the ship. Captain spoke into the ship intercom, “All hands, status report.”

Holland spoke first “High radiation burst. I don’t think we can survive many of those. The star’s outer layer is expanding rapidly.”

The Captain turned to the navigator, “Tszar, get us out of here, now!”

The voices of the crew became a confused chorus as reports flooded in.

“Eden ordered system wide evacuation.”

“We have eight maybe nine minutes before gamma ray saturation exceeds biological limits.”

“Captain, I’m unable to plot an accurate exit vector.”

“Will jump with whatever you have. Do it now!”

“Jump in 3…2…1!”

The Marie Antoinette lurched violently as it exited Shunt Space. Carson shook her head. Jumps always messed with her perception of self.

A voice came though the ship’s intercom, “Captain, ion drive is out of line.”

Byron responded “ETA for repairs?”

“I have fires across the engineering section! Most of the drive is out of order. Without a space dock I don’t think I’ll be able to put her back together.”

“Understood. Do we have any forms of propulsion left?”

“We have jump drive and thrusters, that’s it Captain,” said the voice from engineering.

Captain Byron turned his attention back to his crew, ” Where are we?”

Tszar responded, “Unknown location.”

Holland followed up Tszar’s report, “Sensors array is damaged but still operational. Possible habitable moon around a nearby gas giant. Distance 6 AU.”

“Tszar, plot a course to that moon, stand by for jump,” ordered the Captain.

“Are you insane?,” Carson countered, “That’s a bloody gas giant! Half our systems are down. We can’t–”

“Shut it Carson! Navigator, engage jump drive when ready.”

“Yes Captain. Jump in 3…2..1!”

The Marie Antoinette skimmed the moon’s atmosphere as it came off the jump.  The ship shuddered and creaked as it blasted it way across the moon’s sky.

Lipton voice came through the intercom from engineering “Jump drive is shot Captain!”

Byron ignored him, “Takes us in Tszar.”

“In one piece!” Carson screamed.

The ship crashed landed on alien beach. Carson torso snapped forward. Her head hit her console. Her vision blurred with pain and blood. She staggered from her chair across the bridge. She collapsed near Holland crumpled body. her tears mingled with the blood from her forehead.

Holland was dead.



Flash Fiction Friday: Escape from Eden-P1

Another Friday, another piece of flash fiction. This one is inspired by the video in this post. Hope you like it.





“Carson? Where are you Carson?”

The sound of Tszar’s voice drew Jane Carlson’s mind away from the drops of water percolating though the hull of the Antoine Marie. Over 300 meters of the ship laid underwater. Tszar, the ship’s Smtek navigator came down from the access platform to where Carlson stood on four, double jointed appendages.

“Captain Byron wants a word with you”, Tszar said or though, the trans-box attached to the Smtek forehead translated his thoughts to Human Standard.

Carlson stared at Tszar large, liquid eyes. “More repair work, right? The ship is broken. We are not going anywhere. We’re lucky to be alive”, she said.

Some of us anyway, she thought.  Unlike Holland and Dolby.

“There is still a chance of a rescue Carlson” Tszar responded.

“Only if Byron’s crazy idea works, and I doubt it.” She whipped strands of black hair from her face. “The odds of boosting a signal that reaches a inhabited system are low, to say the least. ”

Balancing on three limbs Tszar extended a fourth toward Carlson. The end of it changed shape to resemble a human hand. It came to rest on her shoulder, “We survived a star going Nova. That means that Fate is on our side, for now.”

The Smtek believed in what the universe existed in dynamic balance between two “Wills”, Fate and Sentience. So nothing and Fate takes over, act and you shape Fate. Carlson didn’t care much for a living cosmos but they were alive so maybe there was something to it.

“OK, I’ll see what Byron wants.” She walked away, leaving Tszar to stare at the water descended one drop at a time.


Another video. This one is an EVE Online trailer: