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Complete Rubbish

Inner dialogue sometime last weekend at around 2:55 in the morning.


Complete and total rubbish, that is!

What is it you’re talking about, you nutter?

Well, my short story that’s what!

Oh, you wrote–you wrote a story, a short one, you say, and it wasn’t any good? I could have told you that, you stupid git! I read some of the rubbish you post in this blog. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I am, I am….

So what are ya going to do about it, eh? Write more crap or are ya going to crack open a dictionary for once and use it as God intended?


And so it went.

So where did this wave of self doubt and recrimination originated?

From a “beta” my good friend Iz did for me recently.

Did I mention it was a HUGE favor? I mean it was titanic in its scope. He dragged his eyes (mid-vacation mind you) across the garbage strewn landscape that I dared call  a story (yes I dared, silly of me I know) and after much sorting he managed to pull out the salvageable bits.

I do not have Protection from Editors.

Aw God no!

That is a good thing, I guess.

Now I need to recycle those surviving bits into a story worth reading.

I can do this.

I can overcome my dreadful grammar, horrible pacing and inject some emotions into my characters.


And I will too.

Just you see.

Or Issac will see, if he has the stomach for a second round.

Did I mention that this favor was of astronomical proportions? Super Nova pale in comparison to what he did for me.

Just so you know.

And now for a cool anime style game trailer:


Flash Fiction Friday: I shoot….(NSFW)

This scene has been bouncing around my mind for sometime and I thought that it would fit here as part of Flash Fiction Friday. It is written in script form (or as close to it as I can manage) and it gets its NSFW rating do to the use (and abuse) of a certain word.


Jack Tick (Simon Pegg)
Harold Harrison (Nick Frost)
Sgt. Major (Rupert Grint)
Captain (Me)


The Captain of the I.C.S. Vanguard gives Tick (a human from present day Earth) and Harrison (his alien escort) a tour of his ship. The three enter a large room with weapons of all types in horizontal racks. A long rectangular metal table sits in the only furniture in the room. Several rifles, each one more exotic than the next lay on the table in separate states of assembly. The Sgt. Major is working on one of them when the scene begins.



And this is the armory.

Sgt. Major snaps into attention when he hears the Captains words.


At ease Sgt. Major.

The Sgt. Major stands at ease.


So tells us, Sgt. Major, what exactly do you do here.

Sgt. Major

I shoot shit.



Sgt. Major

I shoot shit. If shit needs to be shot, I shoot it. I shoot all kinds of shit; ion shit, proton shit,particle shit

Tick turns to Harrison and whispers.


Isn’t that all the same shit.

Harrison shrugs.

The Sgt. Major ignores this.

frozen shit,flaming shit and full metal jacket shit. If it ain’t shit before I shoot at it it will be after I’m done shooting shit at it. And if for some reason I miss whatever shit I am shooting at will be shitting brick size shits and praying to their shitty gods because they know that I won’t make the same shitty mistake twice.


Very thorough as always, Sgt Major.


No shit!

Captain and the Sgt. Major exchange salutes. Captain, Tick and Harrison depart the armory. The Sgt. Major returns to dismantling another weapon.

End scene.


Well there you go. I’ll leave it to you, oh gentle readers to decide if the scene “works” or not.

And now for some music:

Flash Fiction Friday: Once More Into the Breach

Haven’t updated in awhile. It seems that Flash Fiction Friday is not as popular as I thought it would be. No worries, you live and learn. This is another story set in the Galaxy Command RPG setting.


Argus stared at the screen over the bar through bleary red eyes. Someone sat on the stool to his left, “How are you buddy?”

Argus drained his glass with one long pull. “What parts of no you don’t understand Gary, the N or the O?” he spat at the new comer.

“The part where you’re broke or the part where you still have nine months on your reserve status, I can’t decide which part that may be Argus,” said Gary.

“And what are you going to do about it?” Argus looked around him, “I don’t see a security squad with you and you’re not stupid enough to try to drag me back to the brig all by yourself so what do you want?”

“I’m putting a new team together and I need someone like you. Technically I could order you back, but I don’t want it to go down that way.”

Argus made a slicing motion across his throat to the bartender. “Technically I could give three shits about what you want or your orders.”

“I’ll take care of that,” said Gary to the bartender. He took the data pad and sign in his own name. “Still drinking scotch I see, all three bottles worth.”

Argus shrugged, “You done?”

“Yeah. There should be something waiting for you in your room. Think of it as your severance package.”

Argus got up from his chair and made his way across the casino. Little old ladies played the coin machines. Lights and sounds blasted through his dulled senses. Inside his room, he stumbled in the dark. “Ouch! Damn it!” A small table toppled over. The pain emanating from the stubbed toe pierced through the alcohol induced mental fog. “Lights!” A black box lay on the ground.  It came to life the moment he touched it.


Startled by the ominous voice Argus put the box down on the bed. Gary’ holographic face appeared before him, “Argus this is part of a transmission we received from Eden about a week ago. You heard the rumors about what happened. We still don’t have all the facts and I can’t say more without compromising security. I need someone to whip up a new team to investigate this. Training contract, good pay, expunged record. Can’t give you back your old rank, but you never stood on rank anyway. Meet me at the starport at 11:45hrs. If you don’t show up, I won’t hold it against you. Hope to see you there.” The image winked out.

Argus shook his head and flopped back to be. He would be crazy to return to Galaxy Command. Not after the Koha Maru, not after what happened to Ryan.

Then again… he thought, but sleep took over.